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Giancarlo Gottardo’s Cold Octopus Salad

Octopus Salad alla Vucciria (for 4 to 6 people) In my previous posting of how to cook octopus for soup, I suggested that it’s best to get a small octopus, because large octopus is too rubbery.  My good friend Giancarlo Gottardo taught me how to make even a large octopus tender and delicious.  Most American […]

Roasted Suckling Pig

Sunshine and the Suckling Pig Some years ago I cooked a suckling pig at a friend’s party. A classy Chinese lady came up to me and said, “Thank you, since I was a little kid in China I did not taste something like this, you brought back beautiful memories.” We chatted for a while, then […]

Spaghetti or Linguine made with Calamari and black squid ink

This is another very easy recipe takes no time to make, and it is lovely.  But be prepared – the ink will turn your lips black while you eat it! Ingredients 1 box of spaghetti (450 grams) serves 4-6 people, preferably the black ink spaghetti (Eataly and other purveyors of Italian foods have it), but […]

Steak Tartara Piedmont style (La Battuta di Fassona)

The fassona is a breed of white cow that appeared in the late 1800s in Piedmont characterized by muscle hypertrophy resulting in a “groppa di cavallo” (horse rump). Recent genetic studies revealed that the muscular hypertrophy typical of this breed is caused by inherited germline inactivation of the myostatin gene whose function is to stop […]

Acciughe (Sardines) in umido (option: pasta with sardine)

Acciughe (Sardines) in umido (option: pasta with sardines)  Not too long ago, I cooked sardines for me,  my daughter, and a group of her friends.  I found the sardines fresh at Whole Foods and bought them because I wanted something tasty, and at the same time healthy, to keep me in shape.  The recipe came […]


Tonight I made myself a delicious ossobuco and I realized I do not have the recipe on my website, so let me remedy the situation. This is another very simple recipe, although it may look complicated. Anybody can do it. It takes almost one hour from start (i.e., open the fridge to look for ingredients) […]


You do not need to go to Mexico to eat a great ceviche.  Actually, is very easy to make!  My ceviche of course is outstanding.  It is a great dish, always, but especially if you are on a diet, it is the right thing to eat: low in calories, yet you feel good after eating […]

Poor Man’s Dinner: Potatoes and Italian Sausage (Patate e Salsiccia)

This is a fantastic dish.  It’s simple and phenomenally good.  I’ve never seen it at a restaurant, but I make it at home whenever I want a savory dinner that’s easy to prepare. Ingredients 4 Italian sausages (I prefer the spicy version of Italian sausage, but you can also get mild) 6 medium gold potatoes […]

Erbazzone, a savory pie made with bitter greens

This is one of Betti’s favorite recipes, and she makes it once a week.  Betti’s version is based on Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s recipe in The Splendid Table, a collection of fabulous recipes from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. The erbazzone is basically a shepard’s pie made with a simple crust and filled with bitter greens, […]

Spinach Risotto

Look—this is a great recipe, many people accustomed to other types of risotto will think I am out of my mind when they read it.  Just do it, and then if you do not like it, email me.   Good risotto requires two fundamental things: Good ingredients A willingness to “just stir the pot” and […]

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