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Hot Octopus Soup/Sauce (for 4 to 6 people)

There are few dishes that chefs screw up as much as this one. Too often, octopus served in restaurants tastes like bland rubber. Yet, if cooked well, this is one of my preferred dishes. For that I have to cook it myself. To stat it helps to get a few  small octopus rather than a large one. […]

Michele Carbone

Zuppa di Pesce, Seafood Stew (or Cioppino)

I was in San Francisco in a famous Italian restaurant many years ago and saw a menu item called Cioppino. I had never heard of it. Out of curiosity I ordered it. It was a variation of a classic Southern Italian fish soup in a tomato base, but they had put too much tomato! You can […]

Spaghetti with Orange, Mint, and Cointreau (the best pasta of Italy in 2000)

This pasta reminds me of summertime, with its lovely scent of orange and mint.  It’s a recipe that can only be made in small portions, so don’t try to increase the measures in this recipe. It’s my friend Makana’s favorite pasta, and I made it for his birthday just a few weeks ago. Ingredients 400 […]


You do not need to go to Mexico to eat a great ceviche.  Actually, it’s very easy to make!  My ceviche of course is outstanding.  It is a great dish, always, but especially if you are on a diet, it is the right thing to eat: low in calories, yet you feel good after eating […]

Fish Broth

How to Make Fish Stock Use only fish from the sea, not from rivers and lakes.  You can use anything you like. For example, you can use 1 pound of sardines and/or fish heads (say salmon, grouper, Mahi Mahi, shirimp, or the “skin” of the shrimp. Always use some, say 10 or so mussels or […]

Lobster (The “Lovers Recipe”)

There are many recipes to cook lobster, some are excellent but boring, how many times do you want to eat a boiled lobster?  Others are good but quite greasy, cut lobster into half, put butter on top and broil, others are over complicated, and others simply disgusting.  Try my lobster and you will be happy.  […]

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