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Spinach Risotto

Look—this is a great recipe, many people accustomed to other types of risotto will think I am out of my mind when they read it.  Just do it, and then if you do not like it, email me.   Good risotto requires two fundamental things: Good ingredients A willingness to “just stir the pot” and […]

Risotto prepared with funghi porcini

Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms

Last August, when I was visiting family friends in Cellara, a small village in the Sila mountains where my family is from, my host brought out a basket of freshly-picked Porcini mushrooms.   We cooked them together and they were wonderful. While the dried Italian porcini mushrooms you find in the US are not as […]

Risotto alla Marinara

(For 8 people) A long time ago, I started writing some of my favorite recipes into my “little green book,” a bound green notebook. My daughter, Martina, was just eleven years old at the time, and she liked rating my recipes with Betti. Anytime I prepared a new recipe, Betti, Martina, and any guest who […]

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